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Happy Birthday Dad!

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July 18.  Dad's 98th birthday today.

How I wish he were here to blow those candles out! It will be a celebration all the same, as our family recalls Kansas City's favorite butcher and the man we called our beloved father.

Check out one of my favorite Dad moments at John Bichelmeyer - Words of Wisdom and other ways his legacy lives on at our updated website

Happy clicking.......and Happy Birthday Dad.

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die,"

Father's Day 2012

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Hello to each and every one of you!

Summertime......and the livin' is easy. Famous song lyrics by the legendary George Gershwin. If George could see my summertime schedule, he might be singing a different tune entirely!
So much going on, and so long since we've communicated with you. Let me take a few minutes to share some recent highlights as to what's been happening with "Lunchmeat & Life Lessons."
  • London Calling: I've just returned from a trip across the pond, where I was honored to speak at the CIETT 2012 World Employment Conference. This was an incredible global event, as 28 different countries were represented in the worldwide recruitment industry. I gave two presentations during the conference and audience feedback was so high I nearly floated back home on it rather than boarding an airplane for the return trip. Even better? I think my appearances have opened avenues for even more globetrekking in the future. Cheers to that possibility!
  • Crossroads Hospice: I was asked by the earthly angels of the Crossroads Hospice community to speak to their compassionate organization recently. I was honored that close to 400 attendees listened to me as I shared the Butcher's Wisdom with medical professionals who provide comfort and dignity to those in their final days, who then share his stories with their patients. Incredible, isn't it? That the common sense approach to life my father championed also resonates among those who have so little time left to live it. An enduring legacy I am always grateful to share.
  • Lunchmeat Legion Book Clubs: I am getting more and more emails lately sharing how Lunchmeat is making the book club circles in living rooms and board rooms all over the country. One of my favorites? A spunky group of retiree readers who regularly gather to share books and discuss them. I was charmed and captivated when I received a recent letter from one of those readers who shared a member comment about my book. A retired psychologist was asked to give her perspective on "Lunchmeat and Life Lessons," and she had this to say: "Thank God Mary Lucas didn't write this when I was still in practice or I would have never had another patient!" Imagine that! And proof positive that it's never to late to be learning.
Finally, Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there doing their best each day to raise our next generation. You know who you are, and here's to a job well done. There's a special Dad in my own home that I'd like to thank for giving me the two greatest gifts of my life, my sons Chase and Nick. Happy Father's Day, Scott.

Well, friends, that's a Lunchmeat Wrap. As we find ourselves immersed in the busyness of June, July and August, I hope you'll take a moment to catch some fireflies, swing in a backyard hammock and treat yourself to some lemonade. The home made kind, because summertime livin' is as tasty as it ever gets.


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Today's Inspired Thought -

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 It's never to late to live happily ever after. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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"A Mother is the only person on earth who can divide her love among ten children and yet each child have all her love."

Better by Choice

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An Attitude of Gratitude

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Those of you who knew my dad, know me, read my book or heard me speak in the last few years know that a guiding principle of The Butcher's Wisdom can be summarized in one word:   Gratitude.  My dad reinforced this simple but important word in all of our father-daughter discussions, in all of his customer interactions, in every aspect of his life.  He did so by his words, his actions, his attitude.  No matter what the circumstances life threw at him -- good and not so good -- he found reasons to be grateful.

It's a simple word with complex implications.  In fact, the "Attitude of Gratitude" is transformative.  I found a beautiful TED video that carries forth my dad's own message thru the eyes of a small child just now discovering life.......and an old man who is at the end of his. 

Click below to find a big dose of inspiration wrapped up in so many of the small things we may take for granted.

As always, I'm grateful for all of you.